Anne Beckett-Allen, Director

This week on the Suffolk Money podcast, we’re talking about funerals. Our guest, Anne Beckett-Allen, is someone who knows the industry inside out, having started out in the family-run business when she was just 16. She is now one of the top funeral directors in the country and talks to Colin Low about her role in the family-run business, Rosedale Funeral Home.

From very humble beginnings in 2004, Rosedale has gone from strength to strength and now has four funeral homes in Norfolk and three in Suffolk. They not only arrange funerals – providing exceptional support for the bereaved families – but also train funeral directors across the country, run support groups, creative writing workshops and also offer walks of remembrance.

As well as explaining how she arrived at where she is now, Anne also talks about people’s varying perceptions of funerals and, how important it is for people to come together to talk about their final wishes. Whilst funeral planning can be a difficult subject to approach, conversations now can later provide much comfort to the loved ones left behind.

Lots of resources around this subject can be found on the Dying Matters website, which aims to help people to talk openly and comfortably about death, dying and grief:

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