In this week’s episode of Suffolk Money Colin talks to inspirational duo, Tracey Clayden and her son Jake, who have built their wonderful Suffolk business selling luxury hand-poured beeswax melts and candles. With a focus on natural products and scents, they have a real passion for the environment and supporting local beekeepers and their bees.

Tracey and Jake set up their company just over a year ago with the intention of funding Jake through university. Having always loved burning wax melts at home, Tracey had grown fed-up with the poor quality of the products she was using. Jake looked into the process and found that many wax melts are made using soy or paraffin, which are both detrimental to the environment and are also never very highly scented. So they set about creating their own family business (with Dad, Simon also playing his part in building the website) providing top-end products that are environmentally responsible and, using the brand to highlight bees and the vital work that they do in pollination.

Beginning with one weekly pitch in Stowmarket, uMeltz now trades in 14 locations across Suffolk. Staying true to their principals, you won’t find any plastics on their stalls as all uMeltz products are packaged in eco-friendly non-plastic glassine pager. They also have an active online presence, having truly embraced the new hybrid way of working. For more information please visit their website, where you can then also find them across various social media platforms