Talking about the benefits of an ethical approach to trading

Don’t underestimate how doing good is good for business…. This is the key message from serial entrepreneur, business coach and mentor, Scott Russell, as he talks with Colin Low in this week’s episode of Suffolk Money. Scott speaks candidly about his fascinating experiences in business; from his first entrepreneurial steps – selling roasted chestnuts at his local market at the tender age of twelve – through his role in creating a string of highly-successful companies.

One of his most well-known businesses is, of course, Paddy & Scott’s, which soon gained the reputation for the best tasting coffee. Success quickly followed and sales progressed from stalls at local shows and events, to the shelves of national supermarkets. The really exciting part of this story, however, came in 2016, when Scott and his team went to Kenya to create their own farm, which ultimately changed the way coffee is traded. By cutting the supply chain down and sharing the retail margin with the farmers, they changed the ethos of the business and created a truly ethical coffee brand.

Nowadays, Scott mentors and coaches CEOs and entrepreneurs, and is also a shareholder and director of digital media company called Quench, where he proudly reports to his son! Oh and not to forget Scott’s most recent venture, which has been to join the board of our County’s newest digital radio station, the brilliant Suffolk Sound, as an investor and non-executive director. This really is a jam-packed listen!