Colin Low and guests talk business, charities and investment, with money-saving tips too.

Colin Low

As England’s most easterly county, Suffolk is a beautiful place. It is also full of incredible views, fascinating people and amazing businesses.

There are only three things you can do with money: You can spend it, you can give it away, or you can save it. This podcast looks at how these activities are carried out within Suffolk and the people behind it. From exciting entrepreneurs to large employers and from neighbourhood projects to charities dealing with massive issues. We’ll also explore money saving tips and the world of investments too.

Welcome to Suffolk Money.


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Suffolk Chamber of Commerce – C140

In this week’s podcast, Colin Low talks to Molly Williams (Project Officer for C140) and Paul Simon (Head of Public Affairs) about the history of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, its work today and the importance of C140.

John Mariani – Games developer and entrepreneur

John Mariani is a games developer and a highly successful entrepreneur from Ipswich and Kevin Burch went to meet him and find out more about his passion for board games and trivia.

Geek Retreat Ipswich

Welcome to the first episode of season five of our Podcast, Suffolk Money. Today, we’re visiting a hugely-popular venue in Ipswich, called Geek Retreat.