Patsy Johnson-Cisse, Managing Director

In this week’s episode of Suffolk Money podcast, Lesley Dolphin speaks to Patsy Johnson-Cisse, Managing Director of the charity Brave Futures, about the phenomenal work they do and the support they offer to young people who have had the worst start in life.

Brave Futures is a support service for children and young people up to the age of 18 years who have experienced sexual abuse. They work throughout Suffolk and Norfolk, providing a safe place for children and young people to make sense of the confusion they feel. They give victims the skills and tools they need to re-build their futures, manage the trauma they have experienced and help them move from victim to survivor.

The statistics about children who are currently being abused is shocking. Patsy explains how it is her mission to challenge the taboo around this difficult subject and, by raising awareness, to make it easier for children to come forward, knowing they will be listened to and supported. By engaging with children early and educating them with age-appropriate sexual education and information on who to contact if they need help, they can help the child to move forward. Early intervention is paramount, as this can give victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation chance to speak up and the tools they need to rebuild their futures.

Patsy is well supported by a committed and dedicated team, who organise some of Suffolk’s most popular fundraising events, such as the Annual Dragon Boat Race and Afternoon Teas. Such events are always well attended, not only by survivors, but also the police, funders and local personalities, and are vital in raising awareness and reducing the risk to children.

For more information about Brave Futures and the support services they offer please visit their website, where this are plenty of contact numbers and sources of information. and