Creating a legacy for our wonderful county

This week we have a real treat for you, as Colin talks to two of the most recognisable voices in Suffolk, Rachel Sloane and Tim Holder. They tell us all about The Festival of Suffolk; a whole series of fantastic events and activities happening between May and October 2022.

The Festival is Suffolk’s unique contribution to the national Jubilee celebrations, and aspires to bring communities together and improve local lives for years to come. It’s the biggest thing that Suffolk has ever done and Rachel and Tim tell us about the wonderful and varied plans for this summer. From the 550 mile Torch Relay, passing through 250 different villages and towns, to the Flotilla of more than 100 ships, sailing the length of our coastline, the Festival will celebrate the very essence of Suffolk and everything that makes our county absolutely unique.

Of course, our county has suffered greatly during the pandemic, so as well as celebrating Suffolk, the Festival will also look at addressing some of the challenges we face and strive to find some long-term legacy outcomes. The plan is to bring the whole of Suffolk back to life, bigger and stronger than ever before.

It really is going to be a great summer! To find out more please visit