On this week’s Suffolk Money podcast, we’re delighted to welcome experienced interviewer and broadcaster, Lesley Dolphin to the team. Lesley talks to local historian Jean Macpherson all about her new book, The Felixstowe Floods of 1953 – Never to be forgotten.

Although these floods are by far the biggest disaster that has ever happened to Felixstowe, it’s amazing that not many people really know about the events of that treacherous night and the devastation it caused. Even Jean, who grew up knowing about the flood, didn’t fully appreciate the story, until she became inspired to write this book and collate final untold stories from those who were there, 70 years ago.

Remembering the story and passing it on not only pays tribute to the 41 people who lost their lives in the floods, but also celebrates those who jumped into action to help others escape and survive. The book is full of wonderful stories and fascinating local detail, including how boats from Butlin’s ‘Tunnel of Love’ took people to the rescue centre and, a touching recollection about Jennifer Ted’s survival and her presence at the annual memorial service.