In the final show of our second season of Suffolk Money, we are delighted to welcome the Founder and Senior Director of The Teapot Project; a Community Interest Company which fights food waste and hunger in Suffolk.

Mischa Pearson is an inspirational social entrepreneur who, along with her fellow Teapotters, stops unsold supermarket, farm and restaurant food from going to waste. Tackling both climate change and poverty, The Teapot Project reduces unnecessary carbon emissions created by food waste, and redistributes the surplus food on a Pay As You Feel basis into the community. Those who can afford to, pay the full price, offsetting those who can’t.

Suffolk born and bred, Mischa established The Teapot Project back in 2015 and quickly went on to win Suffolk’s Greenest County Award. She talks to Colin about everything from her inspiration to start the company, its evolution through the pandemic and her plans for the future.

Thanks so much to Mischa and to all our guests over the last 12 months.

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