Jenny Cousins, Museum Director

The UK’s Food Museum is located in the very heart of Suffolk and for this week’s podcast, we’ve gone behind the scenes with its director, Jenny Cousins.

Formerly the Museum of East Anglian Life, the Museum changed its name in 2022 to reflect the way the museum had been evolving in recent years. Jenny explains to Colin how the museum had become motivated by a mission to connect people with where our food comes from and the impact of our choices; past, present and future. Our local heritage is presented in a way that is relevant and engaging to today’s audiences, drawing parallels with today’s farming and addressing the technological, social and industrial issues connected to food.

Developed on farmland that was previously part of the Abbot’s Hall estate (with records that date back to the Doomsday book) the museum is set within an 84-acre site, with lots of buildings to explore and over 40,000 items in its collection – it’s quite the day out!

Jenny takes Colin on a tour of a few of the workshops, to get a flavour of the hands-on experiences available and, to meet some of the beautiful birds and animals on site. But there’s so much more to see and do, so to find out for yourself why not come and take a look.

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