JS Global Group

The words abandonment and destruction may seem negative to most, but not to Jake Slinn; a young Suffolk entrepreneur who has built a very successful business, disposing of unwanted or illicit cargo. Jake’s story is one of drive and resilience, and in this week’s episode of Suffolk Money he chats to Lesley Dolphin about how he saw a gap in the market for the salvage and safe disposal of abandoned products that come into our ports.

Having always had a keen interest in waste and scrap, Jake took a local apprenticeship when he left school and gained the industry experience he needed, before starting his own business from his bedroom in 2018. At the age of just 19, Jake had discovered a business niche of disposing of the illegal, damaged, unsafe or unwanted products that arrive at our ports.

The business quickly grew and diversified and JS Global Group now operates throughout the UK’s national ports. Jake spends a lot of his time inspecting cargos and freight earmarked for disposal and is proud to have “never landfilled one piece of waste”. He clearly enjoys the daily challenges he faces in dealing with unwanted or sub-standard shipments (which can be anything from toothbrushes to rotten cabbages and even breast implants!) and finding the best solution every time.

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