This week we have the pleasure of speaking to Lee Hunt, MD of Deben Travel. Lee’s experience in the travel industry is vast. His apprenticeship with Lunn Poly at 16 years old lead to a variety of travel roles, including working as a Ski Guide in Austria and Manager at Thomas Cook, before launching Deben Travel in 2012.

The travel industry is no stranger to global challenges, however never before has one lasted 18 months. Lee explains how Deben Travel has navigated its way through the tricky financial turbulence of the pandemic, and their mission to minimise trauma for clients; from helping those stranded abroad in April 2020 find their way home, to booking holidays post-pandemic and simplifying the current complexity of international travel.

Lee’s excitement of being in travel has never waned and, it’s wonderful to hear that travel is now firmly back on the agenda, as people re-evaluate how they want to spend their time and money post-pandemic. Lee loves being back on the shop floor, researching, recommending and delivering dream holidays for his clients. As for Lee’s own dream holiday … listen on to find out where the travel expert would travel to!