Claire Staddon – CEO

The focus for this week’s podcast is the charity Emmaus Suffolk, who help people who’re vulnerable, isolated in society and at risk of being homeless.

Colin went to meet the charity’s chief executive, Claire Staddon, at their community hub in Ipswich, to find out more about the support they offer. As Claire explains, it is Emmaus’ ambition to introduce Suffolk to new ways of tackling entrenched homelessness, isolation and unemployment.

Their hubs, across Ipswich and Felixstowe are a safe and welcoming space, free to attend and open to all. Visitors to the hubs are encouraged to join Emmaus Suffolk as a volunteer, and so by helping others they help themselves. These hubs offer a supportive environment and it’s Emmaus’ aim to help stabilise people’s situations and, with early intervention, they can help them avoid hitting crisis point.

Emmaus Suffolk are all about looking after the community and are ‘unapologetically joyful’ in doing so. As a local independent charity, they generate the majority of their income through their own enterprises, all the while maintaining their values around ethical employment, sustainable living and improving both the environment and the community.

Not only do they have four retail shops in and around Ipswich and Felixstowe and a community café (at The Royal Oak on Felixstowe Road), but they also offer a house clearance service.

To find out more about the great work Emmaus Suffolk do, please visit their website: