Novelist, musician, poet

Best-selling author Louis de Bernières knew from the age of 12 that he was going to be a writer. But success didn’t come overnight and, in this fascinating chat with Colin Low, Louis talks about how he got to where he is now. From his early education through to university and the many varied jobs he’s taken to support his writing (including landscape gardening, carpentry and teaching) Louis has had a remarkable life.

His big success came in the 90s with the publication of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which quickly became one of the most talked about books of the decade and won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. However, when asked to write the film script, Louis turned this down as he was busy working on his next novel, Birds Without Wings; which is considered by many, and by the author himself, as his real masterpiece. As well as writing, Louis’s other love is music, where his song-writing and gift for words and rhythm tie in of course with his poetry.

Louis will be talking about his latest book Light Over Liskeard onboard the popular Orwell Lady on 14th May, as part of a picturesque river cruise to launch the Felixstowe Book Festival, which is being held 16-25 June.

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