Making court the last resort

The delicate subject of divorce is the focus in the latest Suffolk Money podcast – supported by Kingsfleet – as two experts in family law talk to Colin Low about striving for resolution not confrontation.

Juliet Harvey is a Legal Director at Birketts and Melanie Pilmer is a Partner at Greene & Greene and both are very experienced in helping to resolve family disputes, in the most calm, amicable and effective way possible.

As members of Resolution (a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way) both Juliet and Melanie strongly advise people that come to them in times of distress to ‘make Court the last resort’. Instead, they guide them through the processes and find one that would be most suitable for them.

They debunk myths from the ‘quickie divorce’ to how lawyers are portrayed in popular tv dramas and also talk about Good Divorce Week 2022 (28 Nov – 2 Dec), which highlights the crisis in the family courts and raises awareness of all the different ways families can resolve their disputes away from Court.

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