In this week’s episode of Suffolk Money, Colin speaks to someone who really has really made a difference to her local community, having created a small business in memory of her first child. Zoe Hayman-Cox tells a truly heart-warming story, which lead to her opening a very popular tea-room in Chantry Park.

With no previous experience in the baking profession, Zoe had a long and successful career in conciliations, working for ACAS in what she describes as her ‘dream job’. Everything changed when Zoe fell pregnant and, quickly learned that her baby had a chromosome abnormality and a life-limiting condition. Whilst her employers were supportive at first, sadly Zoe was ultimately forced to leave her job as circumstances changed during this time of great personal tragedy.

Zoe gave birth to William in August 2017. He lived for two precious hours and Zoe and her husband received amazing support from East Anglia Children’s Hospice, who made sure that family could come and visit them and meet the baby.

As time passed, Zoe found comfort in baking. Her natural talent flourished and, inspired by the flowers at her son’s funeral, Sweet William’s Bakery was established in 2020. Initially baking for small groups of people from her own kitchen, having accepted an order for a large event in 2021, Zoe quickly upscaled her business and began operating out of Chantry Park’s disbanded Bowls Pavillion.

Sweet William’s Bakery is now a wonderful, thriving business – offering afternoon teas and a selection of cakes, scones and savouries – in Chantry Park, behind the Sue Ryder care home. With plans to expand further with additional indoor seating, Zoe clearly pours her heart and soul into her business, having created Sweet William’s Bakery as a treasured connection with her first child. You can find Zoe there most days, along with her three-year old daughter Emilia, when she’s not at nursery!

Sweet William’s Bakery is also on easily found on Facebook and Instagram and please see below for links to the fantastic charities mentioned in this podcast:

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices –

Petals Charity | The Baby Loss Counselling Charity –