Working with the vulnerable throughout East Anglia

In this week’s Suffolk Money podcast, Colin talks to Amanda Bloomfield about her work at the wonderful Gatehouse in Bury St Edmunds. A small, independent charity, Gatehouse is based on the western side of the town. They carry out all their projects from this building and help people not only in the nearby community, but also far and wide across other counties in the region.

As Amanda explains, Gatehouse is unique because they’re always looking for different ways they can assist the community and broaden what they’re able to deliver. Food poverty and homelessness is a long-term problem and Gatehouse is the official food bank for Bury St Edmunds, offering support to those in desperate need. However, the current cost of living crisis means that there are many people now struggling, who may never have experienced problems with debt or sought help from charities before. So, Gatehouse is here to make them feel comfortable and break down the pride barrier, so that they can access help before they hit crisis point.

Gatehouse notices the need in the community and by listening to what help is needed, they seek to not simply fire-fight the initial problem, but to see the big picture. They work together with other charities, each who offer different specialities, to make the best use of resources available and help those in need.

Amanda tells Colin about her previous experience in the business world as well as the caring world, and how she has developed a valuable skill-set that enables her to establish strong partnerships between both large and small businesses and community-based projects. Her work is very hands-on and, knowing that the most vulnerable don’t get heard, she is able to give them a voice and explain their reality to local government officials and philanthropists in a way they can understand.

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