Jason Salisbury and his wife Katharine are adventurous farmers. Not only do they run a herd of pedigree Guernsey, Jersey and Ayrshire cows on their Suffolk farm, but they’ve also taken the intrepid step to be the new dairy farmers on Sark Island.

This week Jason joins Colin to talk about their fascinating journey; from herdsman, to starting their own innovative farm near Needham Market – from where their local milk and cheese is sold throughout East Anglia – through to their bold new venture in the beautiful, tranquil island of Sark; off the north west coast of France.

We learn all about how they established Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses back in 2004, and invested in robotic milking; a process which is beneficial to both the cow and the farmer. Plus there is plenty of talk about the unique cheese they produce for our region, which is certainly exciting for cheese fans!