There’s confectionery, and then there’s chocolate!

For our final podcast of 2023 Colin Low took a trip to Middleton, to visit the family-run company, Tosier Chocolate, which makes a delicious range of niche products.

Having started in their business in 2016, Deanna and Jonathan Tilston have progressed from a basement to a converted dairy on the Suffolk coast, where they now run their small batch craft chocolate factory, chocolate shop, café and tasting rooms.

In this episode, Jonathan explains the royal heritage of their intriguing name and, Deanna talks us through the fascinating alchemy of the chocolate production process, from bean to bar.

With a clear passion for chocolate, Deanna and Jonathan run an open factory, which is the perfect place to share their extensive knowledge and expertise with the public. They enjoy educating people and helping them to understand not only the process of making chocolate, but also the history and origin of coco beans. Tosier is part of a transparent supply chain and Deanna explains the importance of paying farmers properly for what they do, working with them and their knowledge and skill to get top grade chocolate.

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