Ipswich’s only independent bookshop

Just like the bookshop Lesley Dolphin had the pleasure of visiting, in this week’s podcast we’re offering you something a little different! As Ipswich’s only independent bookshop, Dial Lane Books is so much more than your average bookshop. It opened its doors in February 2020, fulfilling the lifelong dream of its owner, Andrew Marsh, who fostered a love of books from a very early age.

Of course, the timing here unfortunately meant that Andrew’s beloved bookshop was open for just 21 days, before the first lockdown came into effect. However, he received amazing support upon opening and, ever the entrepreneur, whilst the shop itself was closed, Andrew provided a friendly book delivery service and door to door sales throughout Suffolk.

Andrew tells us how after the pandemic ended, it then took a long time for people to come back into town. Sadly, the challenges of retail in Ipswich remain difficult and Andrew is on a mission to get people to focus on the many amazing independent shops and businesses (in retail and hospitality) and to support those we have left.

Dial Lane Books really is worth a visit as Andrew’s passion for books for people of all ages (not to mention his obsession with bookmarks) means he is able to give people something they won’t find in a high street chain.

For more information please do visit www.diallanebooks.co.uk