One woman, one motorhome, one great big adventure

Motivated by positive ageing and the benefits of slowing down to enjoy the journey, Siobhan Daniels is leading her own retirement rebellion. In this week’s episode of Suffolk Money, Colin chats to Siobhan, a retired television and radio journalist who, in 2019 sold most of her possessions and put her old life into storage. She then hit the road in her new motorhome to begin travelling the country, defying stereotypes and spreading a positive-ageing message.

As mistress of her own destiny, Siobhan has whole-heartedly embraced her new, more authentic life. In fact, her transition from feeling ‘broken’ in her mid-50s, to now feeling the “happiest [she] has ever been” has led to her to write a book, reflecting on her experiences and inspiring others to take their own journeys to find happiness.

Siobhan is bringing her wonderfully uplifting book, Retirement Rebel, to the Felixstowe Book Festival and will be speaking on Saturday 24 June 2023.

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