Success, driven by respect

For this week’s Suffolk Money podcast, Colin Low has been chatting to Olly Magnus, CEO of logistics company Magnus Group, who was recently awarded Director of the Year at the Suffolk Business Awards. Olly describes the moment he won this award as the proudest moment of his life, not least because this provides closure on a very difficult chapter of his life.

Having overcome massive life challenges to get to where he is today, Olly attributes his drive for success to wanting to prove himself to those who expected him to fail. His incredible story includes overcoming major health hurdles (both physical and mental), the struggles of exiting a business which had become acrimonious and the challenges of investing in a declining business.

After his father’s death in 2018, Olly sold up his own freight forwarding business to buy shares in the Ipswich-based haulage company, Magnus Group, founded by his dad (Paul Magnus) in 1973. His intention was to reinvigorate the business whilst bringing it back under family control; a mission he describes as “turning the Titanic”.

His aggressive two-year plan was a great success with Magnus Group achieving growth, the introduction of a successful new freight forwarding division and the creation of a strong senior team to lead the future.

Olly attributes his honesty, friendliness and cricket obsession to his Australian roots. Yet he is a loyal ITFC fan and in 2021, Magnus Group became the West stand sponsor at Portman Road and Olly had the great honour of being invited to join the ITFC Community Trust Board.

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