In this week’s episode of Suffolk Money Podcast, Colin is joined by Kate Higgs from Ormiston Families; the East of England’s leading family charity.

Kate tells Colin how the charity began, when a charitable trust was created in 1969 to honour the memory of a young woman called Fiona Ormiston Murray, following her tragic death. Now known as Ormiston Families, this trust was established to help children and families in need, and has since stayed true to its vision and mission.

Ormiston Families supports children, young people and their families by helping them to manage the challenges they face. Many of the people they help have experienced chaotic and complex life-styles and suffered traumatic childhood experiences. Knowing that a staggering 40% of mothers who have lost their children in the family courts have spent time in care themselves, Ormiston Families is there to help break this terrible cycle. By offering understanding, guidance and support, they can help them to improve their life chances and see a brighter future.

Before joining Ormiston Families in 2017, Kate was head of income generation at the national volunteering charity, Volunteering Matters. With a background in sales and marketing, Kate had decided to use her skills to really make a difference in the charity sector, after she experienced first-hand the amazing care her brother was given during the last few weeks of his life at St Elizabeth’s Hospice. She has worked tirelessly since, with businesses, community groups and individuals, to raise funds for children and families in need of support.

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